Skinception Stop Grow Hair Inhibitor

A little body hair goes a long way. Now you’ve got an opportunity to reduce that unwanted body hair with Stop Grow, a natural hair inhibitor that discourages body hair before it even sprouts up!

Specifically, it’s designed to:

  • interrupt the anagen phase of body hair
  • thin out existing growth
  • reduce length of body hair
  • decrease the need to wax or shave

Skinception Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream is clinically proven to reduce unwanted body hair by up to 69%. And with Stop Grow you will reduce hairiness on any part of their body, be it the face, arms, back, or somewhere more private.

With Stop Grow Hair Removal Cream, you will be shaving less and showing a lot more skin thanks to Stop Grow. There is Stop Grow Hair Removal Cream For Men And Stop Grow Hair Removal Cream For Women!


Stop Grow is a Hair Growth Inhibitor

There’s much shaving, waxing and a whole lot of pain in homes around the nation as men and women resort to dire methods to get rid of unwanted body hair. But if a new formula by Skinception has anything to say about it, this may be required much less.

Stop Grow is a natural hair growth inhibitor. It’s not a hair removal product, nor is it a costly or painful treatment, like electrolysis or laser hair removal. And it’s not area-specific, which means that, unlike most traditional ways that people reduce body hair, it’s effective on any part of the body you choose.

This means:

  • body hair is interrupted at the root
  • growth becomes sparse
  • length of body hair is reduced

As the description implies, a hair growth inhibitor prevents unwanted growth, before it sprouts up, and substantially reduces the need to shave or wax. Specifically, it’s designed to interrupt growth within the body hair follicle during the anagen, or ‘growth’ phase, during which body hair can be persuaded not to grow.

Does Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor Work

The secret to prevention of body hair is in the formula. It has been proven 69% less body hair in a clinical study. Several key ingredients in the Stop Grow formula show promising results as inhibitors of unwanted growth. Combined, they bring hope to men and women want to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor Ingredients

Decelerine, for example, is a topical compound of lauric acid, which can be found in palm kernel and coconut oil. Yet it has surprising properties has a hair growth inhibitor. A recent clinical study reveals that women who applied a 3% concentration of Decelerine experienced an 82% reduction in leg shaving because of the reduced growth they enjoyed.

Another active ingredient in the Stop Grow formula, Telocapil, is proven to inhibit the tyrokinase activity of the IGF-1 receptor during the anagen phase of body hair. A study of 15 volunteers reveals that 2% concentrated Telocapil reduced overall hirsutism in 93% of participants. They also experienced a 30% reduction in thickness of body hair.

And Pilisoft LS 7590, derived from gymnema sylvestre, is another botanical-based active ingredient in the Stop Grow formula. Designed to inhibit phosphodiesterase activity, and reduce cellular activity within the hair follicle, participants who applied Pilisoft experienced a noteworthy 69% reduction in unwanted body hair.

Use it After Removal of Body Hair

Stop Grow is clinically proven to reduce unwanted body hair and guard against future growth. Some clients find they no longer need to shave or wax within three to six months of using the product. And though hair removal may still be required, it’s required much less.

Stop Grow is designed to work post hair removal. Once hair has been removed, preferably at the root with an epilation-based method like waxing, Stop Grow is applied and immediately interacts with the hair follicles to which it’s applied. Most clients begin to see visible reduction of body hair in less than a month, with best results between three and six months.

As well, the product may guard against future unwanted growth. Men in particular tend to get hairier with age, especially on the back. Regular application of Stop Grow should not only reduce existing growth, but may reduce future hirsutism as it develops accordingly.

Where To Buy Stop Grow Hair Inhibitor

Every Skinception product you buy comes with a generous 90 day money-back guarantee. In the event that a client is not satisfied with the reduction of body hair that he or she experiences, the product can be returned within this time frame for a full refund minus shipping and handling. This is the same with Stop Grow Hair Growth!

These factors, combined with impressive clinical proof of its body hair inhibition and the fact that it can be used to reduce hair growth on any part of the body make Stop Grow the best option for many clients who wish to reduce unwanted body hair and feel good about showing their skin among other people.

Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor Price

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