Does Kollagen Intensiv Really Work?

Does Kollagen Intensiv work? That is a fair question, though it would need to be dissected further in order to be answered fully. However, the short answer is Yes! If you want to buy Kollagen Intensiv go ahead and buy it, it works. And in case you are wondering where to buy it, follow this link to order…

Kollagen Intensive
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Does Kollagen Intensiv work?

We have not ignored your question – Does Kollagen Intensiv Really Work? We are going to answer it in 3 fold. And we have some starter questions which will help us in the direction of giving a complete convincing answer from which you would be able to draw your own conclusion.

Does Kollagen Intensiv Really Work

Here are our starter questions;

  1. What does history say or how long has Kollagen Intensiv been in the market?
  2. Are there any user reviews that can shed some light into whether the product is working or not?
  3. Does the product do what it says it does, in other words are the claims about the product justifiable?
  4. And last or not least, who is behind the product? Are they authentic can they be trusted, do they have any other products that can used as reference?

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So, there is our ‘four’ guide questions which we hope any person who would ask that question will at least have these other questions at the back of their minds. We will answer them one by one (and in parts) with justifiable resources where possible otherwise we will use common sense hoping we will be sharing the same thoughts. They say common sense is not common sense!

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Let us quickly answer a few other questions that more often than not come as part and parcel of Kollagen Intensiv FAQs! Also see FAQ About Skinception Instant Wrinkle Reducer

Where To Buy Kollagen Intensiv

The best place to buy this anti-wrinkle cream is from the manufacturer’s official website here On the official website the Kollagen Intensiv price is way better than buying from other merchants especially when you buy select packages that qualify for bonus jars of the cream.

Kollagen Intensiv Australia

You can also buy this wrinkle cream from – Click here. But as mentioned above you are better off buying from the manufacturer because of the many options you would have and besides you can communicate with them straight. Some packages at attract shipping costs while still in the US but at Kollagen Intensiv website there is free express shipping, available with U.S. orders only though!

How Much Does Kollagen Intensiv Cost?

Since price and cost are not necessarily the same thing you next question might be “how much does it cost?” At the official website, there are different price points depending on the package you purchase and they all attract shipping costs. Shipping costs are dependent on where you live and how soon you want the product. If you are in the US there is free express shipping. However, if you are in Canada, Australia, the U.K. that may not be the case, you may attract shipping costs. There are several options for same day, 2 days, 7 days, etc. Below is an example of international shipping costs;

  • International Mail 10-14 Days via Parcel Post – $19.99 – No Tracking Provided
  • International Rush 3-6 Days via DHL – $29.99 – Tracking Provided
  • International Rush 2-5 Days via Fedex – $35.00 – Tracking Provided

Read Kollagen Intensiv Price

What the above basically means is that with you package Diamond package is best because you get at least 9 months supply at $289.95 and that is almost $32.00 a jar. 1 jar can take anything between 30 to 45 days, so the Diamond package can give you a whole year supply.

Check the order form here to see options available to you!

Is There A Kollagen Intensiv Free Trial

Yes, there is a free trial though it is not a free trial in the sense of the word. And the manufacturer do not call it that. This is what they are saying at their website;

Please try our product for 90 days (3 boxes) and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the three empty boxes within 97 days from the time of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping charges. If you wish to take advantage of the price discount by ordering multiple boxes don’t worry.

Any unopened boxes returned along with your first three opened boxes within the 97 day guarantee period will also be eligible for a full refund.

Click Here To See It On The Official Website!

So it’s not really a free trial though it will feel like it should you not like the product. You would have just paid for shipping costs! We hope that answers your question how much does Kollagen Intensiv cost?

Kollagen Intensiv Reviews 2018

Another thing that might be of interest to you before committing to buying this wrinkle, dubbed the best anti-aging cream to buy in 2017, are the reviews. Recent reviews for that matter. The official website share reviews that are oldish but if you are looking for Kollagen Intensiv reviews Amazon is the place to go.

The good thing with reviews is that a product is given a rating based on the positiveness or critical nature of individual reviews. So check out the Kollagen Intensiv reviews on Amazon here!

You will also get to see for the complaints are people complaining about service or a product being opened or something like that. This is part of the reason we recommend to buy from the Kollagen Intensiv official website. That way if you have any issues you get to talk their customers service direct.

However, if you are looking for just 1 bottle and may you do not want any further commitment, you can buy 1 jar cheaper than you would at the official website.

Kollagen Intensiv Ingredients And Side Effects

Normally side effects will be related to the ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv (or the product concerned). This anti-aging cream has some very bold statements and they stand by them. What is even more assuring is when you look at the history of the official website (we discuss that in length here), you will find that these bold claims have always been there.

We looked around for reports on negative side effects from this cream we could not find any that are significant. When you browse reviews from Amazon, there is a handful discrediting the cream, which is typical with any product.

Kollagen Intensiv Before and After Pictures

In quest to prove further if a skincare product is working or not, before and after pictures will also really help.

What Does History Say About Kollagen Intensiv?

When we ask What Does History Say About Kollagen Intensiv?, we are simply asking how long Kollagen Intensiv has been in the market. The answer to this approach will indicate whether Kollagen is working or not.

Kollagen Intensiv Buy

When we look into the history of Kollagen Intensiv as a product, it hit the market early 2010 or late 2009. It’s popularity grew to amazing heights some time in June 2011 until November 2012 when its popularity graph was at its low. Well, popularity could have been due to aggressive marketing methods or from customers who were really happy with the results and there was mouth to mouth recommendation. Chances it was a combination of both.

At the time the product was new to the market and people like new things and as they come they test them out. During that time it also received some bad popularity. There were many Kollagen Intensiv complaints and some negative reviews. Back in 2014 and 2015 there were a lot of negative Kollagen Intensiv customer reviews. Some were complaining about the service not necessarily about the product not working.

Since then there was Kollagen Intensiv free trial, there still is, most people felt the free trial was charging their credit cards the full amount and when they wanted to cancel, the Kollagen Intensiv customer service representative would be rude and not co-operative. Here is an example of such a complaint, note that it was in 2013, February.

I saw an ad for this saying that Dr. Oz recommended it, so I found it online and ordered what I thought was only one trial jar at $4.95. When two more jars showed up I became concerned. I checked my credit card bill and noticed a charge for $99.95. I immediately contacted the number provided on the bill and explained what happened.

I requested that any auto ship program in my name be cancelled, and then I asked for a refund upon return of the two unopend jars. I was offered a 50% discount to stay in the program, which I declined. Who wants to stay with a company that has to trick consumers? When I requested the refund, I was told that all sales are final, so I have to keep these two jars of cream (which were supposed to be $4.95) and pay $99.95.

Read this Kollagen Intensiv complaint here and note that this was in February 2013 and read Kollagen Intensiv customer service response here

Further if you were to search for Kollagen Intensiv complaints or bad reviews at the website you will find that most of them are service and credit card charges related. Click here Against each complaint there would be response from a Kollagen Intensiv contact.

Kollagen Intensiv

Kurt White – I just got off the phone with them and had 0 issues with cancellation. The rep was polite and courteous and it took less than 30 seconds. However, I was well within the trial period. Please be sure to read all the materials before you post comments – you were charged fairly and within the terms of the contract that you signed. This company is in business to make money and they do exactly when they say. These comments are as misleading as the things you say the company does. They ship you their product quickly for $5. If you don’t cancel (and you have 30 days), you become a subscriber. People, read before you buy. –

Ashley R. – Since, I’m using Kollagen Intensiv from 1 year now and I can say that is a GREAT product and worked well for me… I feel like reborned and I don’t know why there are some ppl that say is a scam.
By the way, may it can be work better on a person than other, but I think is a great stuff if you will try it before say bad things. All the best 🙂 –

Kollagen Intensive

Back then the company did a lot of publicity damage and in our view they managed exceptionally well. But why are following this line of thought in trying to answer a simple question of history. This is because we would to show path Kollagen Intensiv had to walk from its coming into the market. Now it is 2017, and the product is still here and getting stronger and stronger. How do we know it is getting stronger and how is this related to whether it is working or not?

We are saying the product is getting stronger because now you can find it being sold at and not only that, there are over 10 different Kollagen Intensiv product pages at And to seal the whole deal there are customer reviews, mostly positive ones affirming that yes! Kollagen Intensiv works. And it is not possible to get a fake product into let alone in the Beauty or Health & Personal Care Category.

So we just looked at the history of this anti-wrinkle cream, how tough it was and how now you can easily access live genuine reviews to make you own judgement. Visit this page at to read some of the reviews.

Kollagen Intensiv is continuing to grow. You can now find it sold on eBay – – it also penetrating the global market, you can also find it sold here – That is a South African website. Surely you can find it sold in Canada, Australia, UK, etc.

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Kollagen Intensiv – The Bottom Line

While there are many anti-aging creams available on the market that actually contain collagen, the manufacturer of Kollagen Intensiv Cream states that most do not work as the skin cannot easily absorb the substance. This, they say, is what makes their product so unique, as it actually increases the body’s own collagen production. While results are not seen as soon as in other brands, it does appear that this is one product that may work as well as it claims to. –

Now since by now you might be convinced that Kollagen Intensiv really does work, your next question might be where to buy this renowned anti-aging cream?

Kollagen Intensive

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