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If you are looking for Kollagen Intensiv best price, in this article we are going to show you how you can get a 9 to 12 month supply at $32.22 a jar. This would be a huge saving compared to the normal price of $59.95 per jar. A single jar contains 4 oz of Kollagen Intensiv and can last anything between 30 to 45 days.

kollagen intensiv price

As mentioned earlier, the price for 1 jar is $59.95 but would you like to see how you can get Kollagen Intensiv best price of $32.22 per jar? And not only that the $32.22 per jar will not last you 6 months but rather 9 months. Read on as we show you how to make big savings on this skin rejuvenating cream… Read Skinception Instant Wrinkle Reducer

Kollagen Intensiv price varies depending on how many jars you purchase, the more you buy at once the more you save. That sounds a bit cunning and probably needs further elaboration. How Much Does Kollagen Intensiv Cost? Ideally a single jar which is 4 oz of Kollagen Intensiv™, costs $59.95 without shipping costs. But guess what when you buy it at that price it turns out that it would be more expensive than when you buy 2 jars. But before we go deeper into looking at Kollagen Intensiv price, let’s briefly look at the trial version.


Kollagen Intensiv Free Trial

The reason we want to look at the trial version is that in the end you end up with a better deal. Presumably when one buys 1 jar of the cream chances are they want to try it out to see if it works. If you are also wondering if this anti-wrinkle cream works read our article here – Does Kollagen Intensiv Really Work? If you are in doubt please read it!

kollagen intensiv cost

So back on track, if you buy 1 jar chances are you want to test it out, right? If that is the case, we recommend you take advantage of the free trial. It will cost you shipping costs of at least $4.95.

You get 3 boxes, 90 days worth and enough to give you the conviction you will be looking. On the Kollagen Intensiv official website they claim that the cream has been clinically proven to accelerate natural collagen production in 84 days when applied twice daily.

Also being a skin rejuvenation cream there will be a noticeable skin texture improvement.

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Now the results are claimed to appear and become noticeable in at least 84 days, and the free trial lasts 97 days. Well let’s say 90 days because if you are to cancel and return the used boxes it has to be before the 97 days. This means you have a full 3 months to test if this skin rejuvenating cream will work for you. This will cost you nominal shipping costs only should you opt not to use.

If you decide to use the cream you get charged for 2 jars only not 3 so this means you got one bottle for free. that sounds like a better option, that is if you wanted to try out Kollagen Intensiv. To understand this free trial offer, we have an intensive article here – Kollagen Intensiv Free Trial.

Kollagen Intensiv Best Price

The best savings with Kollagen Intensiv are in buying in bulk. Let us do a quick math and see how you can save by getting the Kollagen Intensiv best price of a jar which is hidden. Let’s start by looking at the packages, you have options to buy Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, 2 Month or 1 Month Packages.

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Kollagen Intensiv – 1 Month Package

This is the most expensive package at $59.95 for 1 Jar of Kollagen Intensiv. With it you get 1 bonus gift of 1 sensitive wash cloth. We think this option will be expensive for you and recommend that you take the free trial instead. If you end up not liking the product then you will only spend on shipping costs to and fro, yet you still would have spent $59.95 plus shipping had opted to buy 1 jar.

Click here for Free Trial at the Kollagen Intensiv Official Website

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Kollagen Intensiv – 2 Month Package

This package will cost you $109.95 and it is a $9.95 saving from the 1 Month package but still it is more expensive than the Kollagen Intensiv Free trial option. With it you get 2 Jars of Kollagen Intensiv and the 1 bonus gift of 1 sensitive wash cloth. If you opt for the Free Trial you get 3 jars and if you end up liking the product, you would have paid for 2 jars while having received 3, so 1 free. So here, still, makes sense to take the free trial option.

Click here for Free Trial at the Kollagen Intensiv Official Website

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Kollagen Intensiv – Silver Package

The Silver package will cost you $154.95 plus shipping. With the Silver package you get a total of 4 jars and the sensitive wash cloth. There is an immediate savings of $24.90! But wait, you at 4 jars at $154.95 which makes 1 jar $38.74, and that is effectively $84.85 in savings.

Here is the quick math. At $59.95 a jar, 4 jars will cost 4x $59.95 = $239.80. And $239.80 – $154.95= $84.85. Now that seems like some very good savings there!

But you can still improve it! Not by buying more jars because buying more jars will definitely increase your savings! How, you ask?

You guessed it! The FREE Trial. Here is how! Say you pay for those, the Silver Package but choosing the trial option, that means you have 3 jars to use in 90 days and if you don’t like the product you return them together with the unused jar and get charged for shipping only. And if you like it you have made $84.85 savings. On the official website they are saying $24.90 which is true when considering the extra bottle as a bonus in its strict sense. But hei, at the end of the day you are going to use it in the same way you would have with the other 3 jars.

Or when you look at it this way, this how they calculated the $24.90; 3x $59.95 = $179.85. And $179.85 – $154.95 = $24.90. But you have to look further and realize that it is actually $84.85 not the $24.90 because you would have 4 jars that would have cost you $239.80.

So the Free Trial is a better option even with the Silver package option. Click here

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Kollagen Intensiv – Gold Package

This package will cost you $199.95 plus shipping. With it you get a total of 6 Jars of Kollagen Intensiv plus the Sensitive Wash Cloth of course, which is a standard bonus with all the packages.

In the same manner as we have been making our calculations above, this means 1 jar will be $33.33 ($199.95/6), it is even cheaper than the Silver package. For 6 jars, see effectively how much you would have saved;

6x $59.95 = $359.70. And $359.70 – $199.95 = $159.75

Again they say you save $39.85! We think they are only saying that to be modest. The $39.85 is when they don’t count the extra jars, but still the only way you can get those jars as a bonus is when you have purchased the Gold or Silver package. Well it’s matter of perspective! And your perspective should be from the angle of saving. These bulk purchases are more savings than it appears on the surface.

Well here we also recommend starting with the Trial package. If you are a starter that is, and you are still unsure. However, if you are sure this cream works then wait and see how much savings you will be making with the next package!

Kollagen Intensiv – Platinum Package

With this package you will receive 7 jars at $244.95. Well to be officially correct you will be buying 5 jars for $244.95 which makes a $54.80 savings.

However, following our analogy above for spending $244.95 you will end up with 7 jars whose nominal value would be $419.65.

7x $59.95 = $419.65. And $419.65 – $244.95 = $174.70

A whipping saving of $174.70 and each jar will be $34.99. (That is $244.95/7 = $34.99)

Well it turns out that this option is a little more expensive than the Gold package. Though with the Platinum Package you will have a 7 month supply of the product at a nominal value of $34.99 a jar, with the Gold Package you will have a 6 months supply at jar’s nominal cost of $33.33. So this means an extra month (to make it 7 month) will cost you a measly $1.66. (That is $34.99 – $33.33 = $1.66) instead of the full cost of $59.95. How interesting?!

Well this will be a good option to consider, but wait, there is one more package!

Kollagen Intensiv Diamond Package

This one is the ultimate, it sells for $289.95 and you get 6 jars and 3 more as a bonus, making a total of 9 jars. Now let’s do our math -they say you will be making $69.75 saving with this package. We disagree, and for a good reason. Follow us on this one.

You will be spending $289.95 to end up with 9 jars (whether bonus or not, you will use them all the same. A 1 month supply person will have to buy those 9 jars for 9 months at $59.95 each!) So 9 jars will nominally be $539.55. That is 9x $59.95 = $539.55. And $539.55 – $289.95 = $249.60

$249.60 in savings, almost the cost of the Platinum Package. This makes each jar to be effectively $32.22. (That is $289.95/9 = $32.22)

So Kollagen Intensiv best price is $32.22! Still to make this even a sweeter deal is to start with the FREE Trial if you are starting. But if you have been using this anti-aging cream and you love it rather get the 9 months supply package, the Diamond Package! It give you the best savings!

Now you may be wondering where to buy this cream at those crazy prices.

kollagen intensiv coupon

kollagen intensiv coupon

Where To Buy Kollagen Intensiv At Its Best Price

To get Kollagen Intensiv at its best price or at those different packages is at Kollagen intensiv official website

kollagen intensiv where to buy